2016 is the Year of Art. 366 days. 366 pieces of art. Let's do this.

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you are so amazing

beautiful lies

Neon Blue

My Thoughts Are With You

Dark Canvas Finished

Not so dark anymore.  

   I also did a journal page today. 


Dark Canvas

Ok. This was really hard to photograph properly and, in fact, these pictures really don’t do it justice. It is just a work in progress at the moment and I will definitely have better pictures of the finished product. 

That being said, here is today’s art.   




November 24, 2014

The Walterdale Playhouse in Old Strathcona.


October 24, 2014

Skate park by Capilano.


October 17, 2014

I won’t apologize for all the fall foliage photos lately. I love autumn and all its colours.


September 9, 2014

Part of a mural found off of Whyte Ave.