2016 is the Year of Art. 366 days. 366 pieces of art. Let's do this.

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Charcoal Still

Very sweet, very simple drawing today. Done in charcoal.  



Charcoal Egg and Other Stuff

Rather straightforward. It’s an egg. In charcoal. 

I need to work on the lighter shading though.  
I also made other stuff today!

I took a bookbinding class with a friend and this is the result.  

It was interesting. Learned new stitches and plan on making more journals soon. 

I also made myself a new bracelet which I’m super excited about.  

I love Lampwork beads and I especially love getting them from friends. 

Charcoal Portrait

Shading and highlights, and trying to work on proportion (just look at the eyes to see how well that went).

Also did a little welcome video explaining the method behind the madness. Ok, the why’s of the project, not madness.

Walking in a Fog

Today has been such a weird day. I feel like I’m walking in a fog, can’t concentrate, and super tired. I blame the weather changes here in Edmonton.