2016 is the Year of Art. 366 days. 366 pieces of art. Let's do this.

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Abstract Flowers´╗┐

Dream Art Journal Page

Patchwork Girl – Work in Progress

 This one has taken a long time tonight so I’m going to leave her where she is and finish up another night.  



Mini Collage Canvases & Panel

Music canvas   
Love canvas

 Earth panel 


Sepia and Teal Panel

Because I loved the panels from a couple days ago, I decided to make more. I finished this one tonight and have a few more in the work in process stage. 

   Also did a journal page. It just works out that way when I make these paintings. I use the journal page to sop up the excess paint and as a place to put the extra small scraps.  


Collage Art Journaling


Trio of Flowers

Three small canvases tonight.    

Doodle Canvas


Flower Power Journal Page


Gold Doily Panel

Love this one!