2016 is the Year of Art. 366 days. 366 pieces of art. Let's do this.

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Work in Progress Night


the start of something new

Started a new canvas tonight and finished a little one from last night. 

Poppies Work in Progress

Half Finished Canvases

Green Canvas Progress

Lemon Pomegranate Background

White Canvas, Work in Progress, Day 2



Work in Progress, Day (night) 2

Late night arting isn’t great when you can’t dry paint quickly.  


Work inProgress 

 Paint is drying and its late so I can’t use the heat gun. I’ll finish it up tomorrow!  

Purple Canvases, Day 1

I’m not done these canvases but, it’s getting late and I don’t want to be noisy and use my heat gun to dry the paint so the doodles will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ll post the completed canvases then!